Be aware of different types of kegs and their prices

Residents of many countries make use of different designs of kegs in our time. They get the ultimate support to store their favourite beverages and other items in the keg at home.  Users of kegerators are very conscious about the overall size and quantity of the keg. This is because they have geared up to use their kegertor as efficiently as possible. where can i buy a keg of beer near me The cost of any design of a keg is depending on various factors like the material, size, and the overall weight.

A mini keg

A mini keg is designed to support users of mini kegerators worldwide. This kind of kegs can hold only five liters of beverages such as beer. Many individuals who seek a portable and one-time use keg nowadays prefer this mini keg.  They are happy to take this keg for their weekend camping trip with their beloved family and get the most memorable dinner experiences outdoors.

The cost of the mini keg made of stainless steel material with 5 litter capacity is $18.17.  There is a gravity tap at the bottom of this keg. Two pieces of bungs are available in this product. Users of this product slide out easily and use it conveniently.

Cornelius kegs

Many home brewers take advantage of the Cornelius kegs nowadays. They make sure about the overall advantages of this genre of kegs in the soft drink industry. They compare features of the pin lock and ball lock types of connectors associated with the Cornelius kegs. They use their kegs properly and store coffee, wine, home brewing, and other purposes.  They are eager to buy a brand new keg in this category. However, they have some doubts such as how much does a keg cost nowadays. They can get 5 gallon ball lock keg at $89.99 online.

This metal keg is designed for storing and dispensing wine, soda, beer, kombucha and other beverages.  The main attraction of this product is its maximum safety design. The highest possible quality of this material plays a leading role behind its recognition and ever-increasing number of happy users worldwide.

Sixth barrel keg

Users of dual or tripe tap kegerators nowadays use the sixth barrel keg. They call this keg as log, sixtel, and torpedo. This is because the great size of this high quality keg.  Owners of restaurants and bars get a wide range of benefits from this extraordinary keg. They store a large volume of tasty beverages in a little space by using this keg.

Stubby quarter keg

You may have heard the pony keg, quarter barrel keg or stubby quarter keg. All these kegs are the same in design and size as well.  Even though the height of this kind of kegs is short, these kegs look stubby in size.  If you buy this keg, then you can store up to 82 bottles of beer easily.  The cost of this kind of kegs is less than other designs of kegs. These kegs are used in small parties every so often.


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